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wall mount faucet, can you still have deck mount soap dispenser?

5 years ago

With our master bath remodel, I am *really* looking forward to having pretty much nothing on the counters save faucets, integrated soap dispensers, and a filtered water faucet (on only one sink). I am in bliss looking at photos of + planning for maximized, designated, enclosed storage. Be still my heart.

My husband just told me he'd really like a wall mounted faucet and I agree -- love the look. But I have been poring over wall mount faucet images both here and elsewhere online and I can find tons of images with nothing on the counters:

wall mount faucets, nothing on countertops, not even handsoap(!), but hello empty space ...

Or with decorative soap dishes or bottles:

at least these folks wash their hands

But nothing like what I'd initially thought of: deck mount soap dispensers and (one) filtered water faucet (admittedly, it's a stretch to expect to see that in anything other a kitchen).

integrated soap dispenser on bathroom sink

kitchen with deck mount soap dispenser, faucet, filtered water / insta-hot faucet

My goal is a pure white countertop with white undermount sink, polished chrome very, very simple fittings (no fancy ridges to make it difficult for me to clean!).

I'd love to borrow others minds' eyes -- do you think a wall mounted single lever faucet (so two holes -- one for the faucet and one for the lever) over a sink with an integrated soap dispenser will make no visual sense, or could it work?

Thank you.

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