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My current homemade Favorites

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I have been quite lazy for a while, there is several pictures in the queue.

My current favorites are two siblings of "PapDonAmb2" x "PapDon1"

Both have revealed their capability of producing the Hippeastrum-"typical" -

the "4-corner" umbel - this season, for the first time.

This sibling has some inclination of producing daughter bulbs, and the oldest thereof produced its first bloom:

A third sibling which I kept BUT for the unusual shape of its Bloom - it produces 2 florets per scape only, is on the left side of the following Picture:

I feel blessed by these accomplishments. Unfortunately, the two 4-corner siblings are behaving like TRIploids - they are yet to produce any seed. Whereas the third sibling is fertile and is behaving like a DIPloid on this occasion.

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