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kumquat tree: over- or underwatering (or else)?

6 years ago

Hello everyone,

in the past week I noticed my kumquat tree loosing a lot of
leaves and I am not sure what might be the reason, I am looking for some expert

I live in the Netherlands, the weather now is cold-ish, so I
keep the tree inside, in the terrace that is regularly opened for fresh air.
Still, recently we started heating so that might be a part of the problem. The
sun exposure is also not what I would like it to be, but it does get some
sunlight daily.

I do not think I changed anything in the way I water it. I
mostly water every week and a half or so, using around a liter of water.
Typically all the water is consumed, or does not come out, so I guess it is not
too much. The tree never has "wet feet". I regularly use good organic
fertilizer for citruses. I mist the leaves often as well.

The leaves loss is for now local, on three neighboring
branches, and so far I lost two of the fruits. I am attaching some photos to see the state of the fallen
leaves, but also the tree and the soil.

My problem is that I cannot recognize whether these signs
mean that the tree received too much or too little water. I do not know of a
way to check if the roots are damaged without re-potting, and I do not think
this is a good time to do that.

I would appreciate any advice. Of course I can provide more

Thanks in advance!

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