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Help With bathroom for aging in place, have vanity, need advice

J Corn
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We're completely gutting our bathroom, with a major goal of aging in place. We have ordered a vanity which is much higher than our current one ( no stooping over) and plan to adapt our shower so we can enter it without stepping over a fairly high ledge. We're putting a built in- bench in the shower and maybe grab bars ( which we don't need yet but may within 5-10 years)

As you can see in the photo, our bathroom is desperately in need of serious help after 20 years. The floors are seriously chipped, the vanity is is falling apart, and the vanity drawers wont even close.

We've finally saved enough to renovate the bathroom. I have provided room dimensions below.

The room is narrow and long: 102 inches long and 73 inches wide, but only 40 inches wide after accounting for a vanity which is 22 inches wide and a toilet which is nearly as wide.

The vanity ( see photo) is 72m inches long and takes up nearly one long wall, but with enough extra space for a toilet and sufficient room between the vanity and the toilet. .

Tne other long wall has a shower opposite the toilet and the door takes up 40 inches of the 102 inch long wall. The bathroom door currently takes up another 32 inches ( when opened)

The link farther below goes to the rest of my ideabook.

The tile I'm considering for the floor and bathroom wall are approximately 12 by 12 inchesL,the shower accent tile is 6 inches square.

We need ideas for lights flanking a 48 inch long mirror ( 36 inches high). .We plan to change out the mirror but like the length. Current lights, next to each end of mirror, are 9 inches high but the style won't go with new I never liked them.

Need faucet and wall color suggestions too.! as well as window treatment. Please, please,help. After saving for decent overhaul, we really want to get this right

Link to ideabook is under photo.

to ideabook.

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