Mix and Match appliances, is it OK?

3 years ago

Hi, we're doing a full gut renovation of an apartment galley kitchen and having a hard time choosing appliances.

We have looked at each appliance individually and it seems like we prefer a different brand for each...

Compact vented washer and dryer: Asko, not ideal but not many compact vented models out there anymore.

5 burner gas cooktop: Bosch 800 Series

Pull out/hidden vent hood: IKEA, XO or Bosch 500 Series

Wall oven and microwave: Bosch 500 Series

Counter depth French Door Refrigerator, no ice/water on door: Bosch 800 Series is OK, but prefer the fully flat front and handles of GE Cafe.

Dishwasher with custom front: Don't care as much since it will be hidden.

We are thinking we could just go with Bosch everything except laundry, but unfortunately I really prefer the look of the GE Cafe fridge. In theory we could then go with GE Cafe with the ovens and cooktop to "match", but it it just me, or does it seem crazy to pay more money for GE over Bosch, or maybe I am underestimating GE?


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