Farmhouse Kitchen - Mullions or Solid Glass Cabinets?

3 years ago

Hi Experts! I have my heart set on mullions for the upper stacked portion of the cabinets that surround the range to complete my farmhouse kitchen. However, we only have an 8' ceiling, so when stacking those cabinets with a full overlay-style cabinet, the top portion is 12.875”W x 12.6875”H each. This would make the 4-lites approximately 2.5"H x 3"W (SMALL!). FYI - The full width of the cabinet is 26-inches.

Questions: (1) What do you think of the solid clear glass for a farmhouse kitchen? I'm going for a traditional look. I think solid clear glass looks too modern. Feedback please!

(2) What size cabinet door do you need to make mullions (muntins) look right? We have room to make the cabinet doors wider, if you think that would help.

Thanks in advance for all your ideas & thoughts!!

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