Need gray SW paint color to go with Waypoint "stone" cabinets.

3 years ago

My house is under construction. The builder wants paint colors by Dec 5. I am not able to pick colors later taking into consideration the room lighting etc., so I want to play it safe.

Attached is a vignette of the floor tile (darkest gray), the Waypoint "painted stone" cabinets (small gray painted square), backsplash (the white rectangle Dal Finesse subway tile is off to the left side) and HiMacs counter top (small white square).

The house will have 10' ceilings, lots of windows but shaded by 8' porches on all sides. I have same finishes throughout and would like to make this easy and pick one interior gray color. Trim and windows will be bright white.

I found one paint strip in the SW deck which seems to be a good choice. It has Greyish and Essential Gray on the card.

My dilemma is I am having trouble finding other examples of paint color successes using this painted cabinetry. It's the new grey cabinet color most cabinetry lines have started carrying under different names. Has anyone else used this painted stone color cabinetry and what color paint did you use?

Any advice or opinions here?

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