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Hood choices with Semi-Custom/Standard Cabinets??

6 years ago

For those of you that have selected Semi-Custom/Standard Cabinets (Kraftmaid, Decora, Shiloh, Dynasty, Omega, etc etc....).... are you using their hood/mantles provided? Or are you having a custom hood made for you? I have found the options of the Wood Hoods are limited by some cabinet manufacturers (like Kraftmaid; online I only see like 4-5 options?) I am using this as a deciding factor of what Cabinet Manufacturer to use, but wondering if I should just be having a custom hood be made for me to match.

(Right now we are leaning toward Decora, and I do like their Hoods, but I don't want to make a rash decision without exploring all options others are doing.)

If using stainless steel this post does not apply ..clearly you are all set!


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