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What can I do to make this uneven shower pan threshold level?

6 years ago

At some point during the construction process, the front left corner of our shower pan popped up and we have a 3/4" difference between the left front corner and the right front corner of the shower. The rest of the pan is more or less level and sloped correctly, so it doesn't appear to affect the drainage or stability of the pan. So, at least we have that going for us.

The issue is that we cannot install the shower door properly with this surface being so crooked. The maximum out-of-plumb allowance for the threshold is 3/8". The walls are fine, it's just this terribly crooked shower pan that is creating a problem. Our contractor has basically given up on troubleshooting this issue since shower door installation wasn't specifically mentioned in our contract (lesson learned) and his suggestion was to install a curtain. We specifically purchased a shower system that included a door (Kohler Choreograph with Levity sliding door) so water would be contained and we wouldn't have a drafty shower. The door is non-returnable, so we are invested in trying to use the existing door for financial reasons as well as aesthetic/function reasons.

Here is what I am thinking might be a workable solution: Create a level surface by building up the low parts with fiberglass resin, sanding it to within 3/8" of the highest point, then painting it to blend using tub paint. The door threshold itself is quite narrow (I think about 1/2", but that's just an estimate) and the only spot where I need a wider surface is in the center of the threshold where the center piece is attached with silicone adhesive.

Has anyone ever attempted something similar? Also, it doesn't appear that Kohler has any bathtub/shower repair kits on the market. Is there a paint color that would be close enough to Kohler white?

Pics to follow in the comments if I can't edit this post from my phone.

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