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help with paint ideas for wall into beam

5 years ago

I need some help/ideas for this beam that blends into the wall. The area identified by the red arrow in the picture.

There are a total of 3 beams going across the ceiling, but this one is connected to a hallway wall and it connects to a wood pillar/cherry wood slab on the other end. The other two beams are in the living room and straddle the fireplace and a skylight, are larger, and they have edges on all sides.

Do I continue the wall paint and do the beam the same color? Do I do all the beams the same color? Paint the beams the same as the ceiling and put some kind of hard stop (wood trim?) at that point identified?or blend paint at that area? Paint the hallway walls the same as the ceiling so I only have to worry about 1 color? I am open to ideas.

Everything is bare drywall (already textured) at this point so I can go with any color and can do some minor construction if needed.

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