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Transition between different flooring

Naomi Arcadia
6 years ago

Hi all,

We are building our house right now and the foundation guys are about to come in to lay the foundation. We have been seriously considering using luxury vinyl plank throughout most of the house due to its durability. However, we would still like to use tile in the bathrooms. Since vinyl is very thin and tile is not, there's going to be a difference in the height of the flooring. For the transition between the two types of flooring, we would like them to be flushed, without the need for a moulding or a reducer, or similar items. Is the only way to do that to make sure the floors for the bathrooms are a little bit lower than the floors for the rest of the house? Is that difficult to do? I'm worried that it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the bathrooms starts and stops when laying the foundation. Any other ideas for the transition that doesn't involve an obvious moulding or strip?


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