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Need help changing the colors in the red brick fireplace living room!

6 years ago

Hello! I need some color opinions for my living room. We have this red brick fireplace (which we love) right in the middle but unfortunately with all of our existing furniture, it all feels too dark. I would like to make some changes to lighten up the room. Adding recessed lighting is desired, but that is a few months/years out due to cost.

We already have plans to remove the three brick shelves, and replace them with a single raw/distressed wood mantel. We also plan to get rid of the small sectional and replace it with a normal sofa. I’m not sure if it would fit the “decor style” or not, but I really do love raw/distressed wood coffee tables as well.

Throughout the house we have red as the accent color to all the dark furniture.

So, here are my questions. In order to pull this room together...

1. What color sofa would you get?

2. What color would you paint the walls?

3. What color area rug would you get?

4. The two chairs have cushions in many different colors. Would you change them?

Not sure if it matters, but the living room is 13.5ft wide.

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