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Commercial Espresso Machine ?

5 years ago

We currently have a PID'd Rancilio Silvia. Overall very happy with it after 12 years of use.

The one key drawback is when making drinks for more than one or two people. Mostly having to wait for it to heat up between pulls but also not always having steam exactly when I want it, having to take time to surf for temps and having to manually pull the machine out and refill the water tank. I've not timed it but I'd guess it's about 6 to 8 minutes between drinks. Not a problem for one or two but does start to become a problem for 3 or 5 or more.

One option is a second Silvia. An advantage to that is if one is busted I'll still have one working. I could potentially have one setup for steaming and one for shots but I'm not sure that'd be the best approach.

Another and perhaps better option is a better double boiler or HX machine and possibly a commercial one. This would then also bring in the how automatic issue. Auto's have seemingly gotten much better than even just 5 years ago.



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