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Integrity Wood-Ultrex vs Anderson 400 or E-series??

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Deciding between Marvin Integrity Wood-Ultrex windows and Andersen 400’s on a new build. I’d previously decided on the Integrity’s because the Andersen bid came in much higher, but our builder just gave us a bid from Home Depot and they came in $20K (!?!) less than the exclusive Andersen dealer (putting it about $10K less than
the Integrity’s), so they’re back in the game now. I appreciate the expertise and service of the exclusive Andersen dealer (but not enough to pay 20K more!), but our builder says he only orders Andersen windows out of Home Depot b/c they crush the price of the local dealer and they’re the exact same window.

So any opinion on the Integrity Wood-Ultrex vs the Andersen 400 in terms of longevity (I like the looks of both; will be painting white so I don’t care about variety of wood grades; don’t want malfunctioning operating parts in the future)? Also, we may be able to afford the Andersen E-series on many areas of the house with how much cheaper the Home Depot bid is—any informed opinions re. how the E-series (wood interior/extruded aluminum exterior) stacks up against the 400’s (wood interior/Permshield vinyl exterior) or the Integrity’s (wood interior/fiberglass exterior)? We live in very cold, windy Idaho. Thank you!!

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