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Building a Custom Home! Give me all the tips/tricks you have to offer!

6 years ago
We are done with the design process (FINALLY) and are working on all the (not-so-fun) preliminary stuff... I figured in this time I could some extra tips and advice before we plunge head first into the madness! LOL

The home is being built in NE Florida.
It's a long ranch style, single story.
3 bed, 2 bath with a detached (BIG) workshop garage.
Our home will sit on 19 acres of planted timberland.

Also, I've seen blog posts that mention getting a 0% interest CC to use for little things we see on sale like fans, lighting, faucets, door knobs, drawer pulls, etc... pay on it while building and use our allowances that were designated for those things for items like appliances or small upgrades ... thoughts?

Thanks so much!

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