It would seem this forum has either died or contains all the knowledge in the universe so there is nothing more to add.


I know what Clean means. Grew up in a boarding school. Inspections every day. Weekly super inspections. Personal inspection after showers etc. Clean. My mother’s middle name was “Clean”. My 2nd wife and SD and DIL are/were nurses - Clean. Friends that are/were nurses - Clean. Dating women between marriages - Clean.

I have, however, discovered there are variations described below in descending order:

Clean for Company: A state obtained with much labor usually over a short intense period and sustainable for a short intense period.

Everyday Clean: A happy state of existence requiring minimal effort and sustainable for extended periods of days to even weeks with luck.

Caregiver Clean: An non happy non satisfactory state characterized by, “To hell with it, that’s the best I can do right now.”

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Let me finish that last sentence for you since you seemed to stopped short.

"...because there are so many other things that i need to do that takes priority in the given hours i have to do them."

Are you confusing care giver with maid?

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To equate nurses who have other staff to clean for them and caregivers who often have no one other than themselves is just nasty. None of the things mentioned are realty when someone is on the job 24/7. I did not see this when it was poste or would have commented about the la la land described by the poster.

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That post should not be dignified by a reply but I’m so pissed off I can hardly see.

If anyone has posted something nasty and is living in La-La land it sure as hell is not the OP!!!!

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Pea are the OP, you are refering to yourself in the third person.

you do realize care takers primary duty is care taking not cleaning right? There are wonderful maid services for that deep down cleaning. Care givers focus on the person not the place...personal hygene, nutrition, comfort, medicine, health...dust bunnies under the bed is the last thing a care giver should be concerned about. If you hired a care giver to get rid of the dust bunnies call a maid service instead so the care giver can focus on what she is good at.

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May I suggest you replace the erroneous term with a better characterization of your 'non satisfactory state'?

Clean coal.

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Looks like first person-personal to me.

I do it ALL.

I do not want help or maid service or anything else - yet.

I’ve been at it for 9 3/4 years - uh- I do believe I know what I’m doing.

I have the full support and approval of all our children. More than you might believe. Support that is; only 5 kids (Age 53 to 65). I think. Ages that is.

The original post was intended to be humorous.

I didn’t expect to get my bung hole enlarged.

I was thinking in terms of not being able to maintain my desired level of sanitation due to the overwhelming magnitude of a given problem. It’s impossible to keep track of and clean everything I touch to say nothing of the floors/ carpets etc. I use my elbows, back of my hands and little fingers etc plus some doors are fixed to not latch so I can kick them open or shut. And of course my PSW’s (poor sweet wife)’s perception of same wavers in and out of reality. Sometimes I just have to let the old immune system do its thing.

But she’s worth it. :-) Can’t imagine life without her. That’s always on my mind.

I do know who I am; that I am the OP. Aren’t I? Thought I was. Or maybe I AM somebody else. What a relief that would be. But then if I really AM somebody else where would she be without me, whoever I am. Does all that make sense? Hope not because if it does you are in trouble. Not me.

And now while you all engage in a nice session of hair splitting semantics I have to see a doctor about my housemaids knee - uh - care givers knee - uh - oh dear what……..?

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sometimes it's helpful, when posting to a forum where many people are just occasional visitors, to indicate a humorous post, perhaps in the title by using brackets; e.g., [humor] title of post.

I'm sure none of us would have jumped on you had we realized you were poking fun at yourself.

You're doing a wonderful, amazing thing in caretaking a loved one. It is often overwhelming, that's for sure.

Good luck to you and I hope you always keep your spirits up!

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