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Hello from an old member, now a new member seeking advice.

6 years ago

Hello, I was a member of Gardenweb rose forums way back in 04-07 but then life got in the way. I used to go to the Vic Gardenweb meet ups, but I've lost touch with everyone. I've also lost my original rose garden, including my old moss rose collection due to a knockdown/rebuild, where none of the roses could be dug out and saved due to their positioning.

I have a new blank slate garden now and need advice on which sellers in Victoria, Australia are still selling Moss Roses, bourbons and in particular I'm chasing down a Souvenir Du Docteur Jamain to replace the one I had. I'm looking forward to the bare root season next year (March 2018), which gives me time to chase everything I want down.

Lastly, any pure white climbing rose suggestions (not Iceberg) will be welcomed, as I'm looking for something fragrant for the front fence.

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