Please help! Which kitchen design is better?

4 years ago

Hi! I would love to get some opinions on which kitchen drawing looks better and will also be more functional! I have exactly 150 inches of wall space to work with. Double wall ovens are on far left and have to stay there.

The top drawing is the symmetrical option. Top drawing has 2 upper cabinets on either side of cooktop that are 46 inches wide with 18 inch doors for a total of 4 doors. In the top drawing there is perfect symmetry below as well with equal sized drawers and cabinet doors.

In the bottom drawing, upper cabinets are split into one 12 inch upper on far left with a 24 beside it for a total of 36 inches of cabinet space on the left side of cooktop. On the right side of cooktop there are 2 sets of 24 inch cabinets for a total of 48 inches of cabinets. There are three 12 inch doors on left side of cabinets and four 12 inch doors on right side for a total of 7 doors that are all 12 inches wide. On bottom drawing, the drawers and cabinets are not the same width due to unequal spacing of 36 inches on left side of cooktop and 48 inches on right side of cooktop.

The bottom drawing is what a professional kitchen designer drew up for us. The top drawing is more what we had in mind. Kitchen is already in production and we are told it is too late to make changes but we are worried the asymmetry is going to bother us. Is this worth ripping out and re-doing or will this look okay in the end?

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