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Colocasia ‘Black Magic’ turning brown around leaf edges

5 years ago

Hi there!

About a month ago I bought a rather ratty looking Colocasia Black Magic, which has thriven & has since produced 2 new leaves plus one was just unfurling when I bought it. These leaves have gradually had small brown patches appear around the edges of the leaves as shown in the pictures below. The leaves pictured are 2 of the newer ones - the old leaves have been removed because they were ripped & horrible! Haha

I’m located in Western Australia, so it’s spring here & the climate is generally fairly warm & dry, though my other Alocasias & Colocasias have been totally fine. I water them a few times per week & mist these tropicals most days, sometimes twice in a day.

Any clues what could be causing the browning..?



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