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Can tub-mount faucet for clawfoot be reconfigured for wall mount?

6 years ago

I bought a vintage cast iron clawfoot tub from Craigslist and all the appropriate hardware from a salvage place (huge steal) before coming to my senses about making a clawfoot the only shower/tub combo in the house. The tub will be resold, but I would like to use the taps, diverter, hand shower, shower riser, shower head, etc as the hardware in a standard alcove tub/shower combo. Is it possible to reconfigure a tub-wall-mount faucet with exposed-pipe shower into a wall mount? I don't mind buying some additional parts.

This is basically what I have, though the faucet mounts are closer together since they're intended to mount to the tub wall. The pieces are solid brass and very heavy. Thanks!

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