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Please help w/washer-dryer recs!

5 years ago

I posted this in appliances, but haven't heard anything yet, plus I don't "know" anyone there, lol!

We custom built our house 6 years ago, so of course have all 6 year old appliances. I went high(ish) end for kitchen, but was of making decisions by the time it came to washer/dryer. I'm not one of those freaky laundry people :) ...I just want reliable appliances. I thought these Whirlpool Cabrios would be fine. HE (which I'm not sold on entirely, but of course who wants to waste water?), top-loading washer, a few snazzy features and looked decent enough for my new laundry room.

Well...they are basically pieces of crap. The plastic lid on the washer has broken twice. The dryer has had at least two service calls for things...I can't even remember exactly but the last one was pretty major & involved a board of some sort. As of late, the freaking dryer door latch CAME OFF and dropped into the door cavity. I've been having to scotch the door shut to run the dryer, while we decide what to do. Then, yesterday, I was running the dryer and it made a sudden pop or bang-type sound and stopped running. The electrical works so I don't think it is a computer-type sounded like a belt broke? Do they have belts? WTH?

Anyway, tired of throwing $ at these crappy things. What is the most reliable brand that isn't ridiculously expensive? I don't need the Ferrari of washers and dryers...I just want ones I don't have to fret over. And would love not to have plastic lids. We certainly are willing to pay for quality...I just don't need fancy. Thank you for any advice! I have all these damp clothes hanging in my laundry room ticking me off right now! :)

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