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Looking for feedback on my first Ikea kitchen plan.

5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm new to GW but I have learned a ton here this year. I'd really appreciate any feedback on my final draft plans for the Ikea kitchen I've planned, whether it be layout or the particular Ikea pieces chosen. A few points to note:

1. The plumbing has to be on or near the west wall, hence the location of the sink and DW.

2. The north-east corner is intentionally missing a corner cabinet because (according to Ikea) it won't be possible because the standard corner base cabinet would conflict with the adjacent stove.

3. I'm unhappy with the gap the cabinet above the fridge, and the wall cabinet to the north, so hoping for advice on that point.

4. I haven't figured out how to add countertop to the dishwasher.

I've tried to attach plans to this post, but I've uploaded screenshots of my design to imgur here:

Thanks so much,

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