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Dog bath station: convert old cast iron bath tub?

6 years ago

Hi everyone! Please comment with you ideas, opinions and photo's!

I want to set up an outside bath station for our dogs. Either which way, it will be raised.

So option 1 is to use an old cast iron bath tub that has been enameled (cheap secondhand). Will have to build steps on the one side to get them in and out easily, but I am worried about the inside of the tub. Stepping into it might be a bit high, has anyone had an idea to introduce steps inside? The second concern is that the enamel is inherently slippery. Ideas for a long term anti-slip solution?

Option 2 is constructing the station from scratch. Will have more option for customization, and will likely take up less space, but won't it be more expensive? Tips, tricks and nifty ideas for such a station?



South Africa

A supposedly black Doberman. The flower box has long since been a lost cause.

Typical tub I am considering

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