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Humidity problems with Whole House Air Ventilation system

J. Trent Papke
6 years ago

Have a customer that has a hermetically sealed house. Air tight to the max. Have not had any problems since installing the new Hvac system and her whole house Air Ventilation system. She keeps her house set on 70 in AC and lots of times even at 68. Recently she has had humidity problems. We were out of town and told her to unplug the Air Ventilation system and she said that worked. Months passed. She called again about high humidity. The Hvac systems keep her upstairs and downstairs at her desired temperature. They were both set on 69 and were at 69 when I checked everything out. My digital thermometer also said it was 69 degrees. The pressures in both systems appear perfect but it’s been 65-70 degrees outside which isn’t the optimal temperature to check pressures. But the humidity in her house is at 65-70%. It is very noticeable upon entering the house. In my mind the Hvac systems are doing everything they are supposed to do and there has to be something going on with her whole house Ventilation system. At this point I can’t think of anything and would just like some feedback on possible other problems or solutions. Thank you.

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