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Please help - kitchen layout emergency! Gurus needed, my mind gone.

5 years ago

Renaming thread as suggested to get advice from kitchen gurus...just posted earlier and in other forums.

Original: I'm so beyond time to make these decisions, need to pull the trigger to start cabinet builds but having major second thoughts!! And rightfully so, after seeing comments from a previous thread. It started as wondering where should the microwave go??... Original post:

First we had a connection microwave above the oven, but we (think) we want a double oven so we moved it to the fridge wall, in an appliance garage - but then I wanted it symmetrical and put an appliance garage on the other side of the fridge also, for mixer, keurig and toaster but as i'm typing i'm realizing those will not all 3 fit! And the appliance garage was designed tall to accommodate those (22") and I'm thinking its just too large -- and will make upper cabinets harder to use as well.

Should I put micro under counter, next to fridge and eliminate garages? Should I abandon double oven and go with oven/micro combo? Do oven/micro combo and put 2nd oven under cooktop?

My goodness help!! So behind schedule. Need to decide like today for the sake of my marriage.

Since original post... I will move DW back to right side of sink (with trash on the left) - that was my change, and an error. I'll swap lower cabs for more drawers.

I don't think I can move fridge, and probably not sink or oven at this point, unfortunately. We are seriously behind the game, and I'm tired of stressing about how this build process should have gone; all I can do is go from where we are to make it the best we can.

I'm hoping by moving DW, eliminating appliance garages and making lower cabs drawers it will solve many problems...but still don't know about ovens/microwaves.

Please tell me what you'd fix, before it truly is too late! I imagine I've been afraid of what I'd find out which is one reason why I never posted. Ignorance is bliss I guess, but not really! And we thought we were working with a kitchen designer, but I realize now not really.

We are behind "schedule" to our frustration but I'd rather be frustrated now than when we are living in it for years to come with a beautiful but difficult to function kitchen.

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