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Cabinets NOT to ceiling, a mistake???

6 years ago

Would it be a big mistake not to take cabinets to the ceiling in our traditional house? It’s a new build, large open kitchen. 10’ ceilings and we will probably get some sort of ceiling treatment (either beadboard or beams). We had initially designed it with stacked upper cabinets that left a 6” space on top (after accounting for trim on top). Due to cost, we are considering removing the stacked cabinets and doing only 42” uppers instead. This leaves a space above of about 18” after accounting for trim. I kind of like the idea of having some color above the cabinets with the wall paint (to bring in some warmth to the room). The cabinets will be white. The range hood would go all the way to the ceiling though. What do you all think?

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