Coastal Farm House Kitchen

Becky Farinella
3 years ago

We are building a new home. I love many aspects of the farm house trend and since we live in Florida, also want to consider adding a coastal flare. If someone were to ask me my style, I would say, coastal farm house cottage. My current big decision is in the kitchen. I am having white shaker cabinets with "blackish" hardware. The island will be black, wrapped in black beadboard and the ends of cabinets will be wrapped in white beadboard. My counters are a light quartz.

I am struggling with backsplash choices as the backsplash will go up to the ceiling in the oven hood area. I really think I would like a brick look since I love the cottage traditional style. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am not wild about the subway tiles as so many people use those. I want our home to have character even though it is new.

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