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Worth it to do major renovation?

Joy Wills
5 years ago

I've been reading on the forums for the last month or two and getting lots of ideas. I recently became disabled to the point where I am no longer working. I have moved back home with my parents (both of whom are also retired/disabled). So we are a family of 3 adults. Two of us have mobility issues that we have to consider when designing our kitchen. As a family we are trying to see if we can manage to fit certain features into our main level, or if it would be impossible/too cost prohibitive. If we can't get the features we want to fit, we may consider building a new home more seriously.

Goals for the Main level as a whole:

  • Kitchen layout with storage for bulk items
  • Main level Laundry (either Kitchen or Bath)
  • Step/roll in shower

Goals for Kitchen

  • Must have a Pantry (either walk in or closet deep enough for bulk items like TP/Paper Towels/etc)
  • Must have Floors that are giving (eg: no tile/concrete)

Wants (in order of importance)

  • Coffee station for Dad's Coffee machine and a few cups
  • Pet Area for storing cat food and to have their bowls and water fountain
  • As much drawer storage as possible
  • Table height area for prepping

We would usually only have 2 cooks in the kitchen at a time, but the third person may be moving around to get something (like BBQ Sauce when grilling). I enjoy baking as much as my body allows, so I would love to have a long run of counter that I could spread out on (I currently use the DR Table).

Much of our cooking is otherwise pretty simple and evenly split between stove and oven. We do use the microwave for cooking as well as for reheating food. Our kitchen is original to the house (built in mid 70's), so we want to update it. We are going to do new cabinets, counters, flooring and some appliances (stove, maybe DW); the materials will depend on if we are staying or moving. If we move, we will either sell or rent the house so it needs to be on par with the neighborhood (meaning linoleum flooring stock cabinets, laminate counters).

We are able to move pretty much anything (plumbing, electrical, etc) if it will make the layout better, but would prefer to keep the sink in the same area by the window. The current stove is electric, and we do not know if there is gas behind it or not. The vent hood is recirculating. About a year and a half ago my parents put LVP in the main living areas (LR, DR, and Hallway). At the time they decided not to buy enough for the kitchen, so it will need to be a different surface, preferably one that could work for a bathroom as well. Because of this remodel, the wall between the Living Room and Kitchen can't be moved or taken down. We would also prefer not to move the window in the kitchen, as it and the siding are just a few years old. The house is 1 floor, but it has a walk out basement, so the kitchen window is actually 2 stories up from the backyard that it faces.

We do not entertain much. Sometimes we have a family member from out of town to stay with us for a few days, and once in a great while we have family/friends over for a BBQ. At that time, there would be 4-10 people (4 of them kids) eating at once. Guests usually do not help with prep, unless they want, but it would be nice to have them around to chat while we work. We usually do not eat at the DR, mostly mom and I eat in the LR (because it is more comfortable to sit) and dad eats in his office (where he spends most of his time). We will eat dinner at the DR maybe once every month or so.

Mobility challenges: I am 32, and of the 3 of us have the most severe issues. I have trouble standing for more than 5-10 minutes, and prefer to sit down while prepping/cooking. Because I am short (5'3") I generally prefer a table height area to sit at for prep. I currently use the table, but would like to be able to prep in the kitchen if we can manage it, but it is not a deal breaker. I may need to use a walker on an off in the not too distant future so we need wide enough aisles for that. Both my mother and I have trouble with our shoulders, so we would prefer as much storage as possible in the base cabinets.

I thank you all kindly in advance for all of your ideas and information.

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