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A, B, or C on sofa/ottoman fabrics

CJ Mac
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

The following photos are all in the order of sofa fabric (the same in all), the pillows, and the ottoman fabric below. In the 3rd choice we would have to get a new area rug which we hadn't bargained for. These samples are on top of the rug.

Yes, the background of the 2nd pillow is a bit lighter than the sofa fabric.

The sofa fabric came out a little more greenish there, but it's the same as above. The blue pillow fabric can also be used as ottoman fabric, but the ottoman fabric at the bottom of each photo can be cleaned with bleach if we want, so it seems like a better choice since it's close enough in color. (It's a very large ottoman with tray for drinks and a storage area below.

Hadn't even thought of going in a direction that would require replacing our area rug, but the thing IS over 10 years old. And these fabrics blend very nicely.

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