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Indoor Potting Mix for Beginners

6 years ago

Hi guys! I am writing today because I'm thinking about the potting mix in my plants. I have been using an organic potting mix from miracle grow up until now. My plants that succeed with this include a silver queen Chinese evergreen, a peperomia baby rubber plant, pothos... all started from cuttings. I haven't had many problems with it when starting plants from cuttings, they have all surprisingly rooted well....

However - established snake plant (golden hahnii) and Christmas cactus have not been doing great. I'm wondering if these plants require a mix of perlite in it. The snake plant nearly rotted initially (my fault, I potted it in very wet soil and it took a very long time to dry out). I did let it dry out and I cut the rotted leaves, it's been hanging on for a couple of months but I am so reluctant to water it. These plants do not dry out quickly at all and one of my Christmas cactus plants died after two months. I learned not to water these plants so frequently, but then when I do they take so long to dry out. I was wondering what everyone thinks of mixing the potting mix with perlite. I'm new to this so I have been ordering new materials as I learn. I also get worried about repotting them again after only a couple of months.

I recently ordered some perlite and vermiculite to have on hand when it's time to repot. I have another Christmas cactus that is dying (I'll upload a photo when I get home). Just wanted some insight so I can better understand how/if these can help.

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