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Dryer: Vented with long duct run or ventless?

Tilley Russell
4 years ago

I purchased a small condo with old full size washer and dryer in a "closet" located in a kitchen. The current dryer is vented a very long way to outside. I want to remove closet altogether and install smaller washer dryer under counter top to open up the kitchen. I am looking at compact models and am concerned about ventless dryer. Which is worse? a very long vent run on a vented dryer, or a ventless dryer that perhaps can warm up the kitchen? My options are: 1. keep closet and install regular size washer / dryer with vent, 2. remove closet and install compact or small washer dryer under a counter - perhaps having to go with a ventless dryer as I have not seen any vented ones.

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