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Help with Living Rm Design: Two sets in one room

Yaslee1 A
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

What color curtains should I get to match my living room that contains two different sets? Set 1 near the windows is dark gray/blue-ish with same color+beige mixed throw pillows. Set 2 is a printed set containing silver, gray, black...need help for curtain color and also carpet colors for both sides of room. Initially had set 2 by windows and put up silver/gray curtains in the pic, but now put the solid couch set by windows and because there's beige in pillows, I feel like curtains no longer match. Laminate floors everywhere. ignore red/beige carpet in pics. Also plan to repaint walls to a neutral color one day soon. Just moved in-wasn't my paint choice. please advise on curtain color and carpets to place by each set. Thanks!

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