Master Bed/Closet Configuration & Size?

3 years ago

Hello Houzzers!

I am trying to sort out the size of Master Bedroom & Closet. Here are the dimensions that I am looking at:

Option 1:

  • Bedroom: 14' 6" x 20' 8" -- relatively good sized.
  • Closet: 11' 2" x 7' 0" -- a bit tight for master closet.

Option 2 (see floor plan picture below):

  • Bedroom: 14' 6" x 15' 4" -- lost some sf and shifted it towards the closet.
  • Closet: 11' 2" x 7' 0" + 10' 10" x 2' -- gain quite a bit of closet space.

*NOTE: With this option 2, I've taken some space (outlined in red in the picture below) from the bedroom and made it part of the closet. Questions:

  1. Is 14' 6" x 15' 4" too small for a master bedroom? I am trying to control the main floor square footage so I'm a bit hesitant in increasing the master bedroom/bath/closet foot print. However, I want to be mindful of the bedroom size if/when we have to re-sell the house. This space would be more than functional for our needs. To provide some additional context: overall house main floor is 3,450 sf + upstairs is 1,170 sf.
  2. Would it be a better idea to keep WIC separate from the area outlined in red? With this approach, perhaps create a built-in wardrobe and remove the wall right in front of the area outlined in red? This will utilize space outlined in red for storage while making the bedroom feel bigger -- clear 14'6" x 18'8" or so. Thoughts?
  3. If yes (to # 2 above), then my preference is to NOT have the wardrobe built-ins look like kitchen cabinets. I like the simplistic, clean lines type of look. I am attaching a couple of pictures in terms of what my thoughts are. Anyone has any high-level guidance in terms of what price range I'd be looking at for this type of built-in (probably custom due to size: 10' 10" length wall by 10' tall?) that covers the ceiling to floor on the front and has minimalist look (no knobs, hardware, etc.)?

Thanks and appreciate your thoughts/responses

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