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Strange repotting situation, what to do?

5 years ago

Hi all,

I've read many recent posts about repotting and Al's old ones about container growing/repotting. I finally got enough perlite to repot my Meyer as I noticed it stopped pushing new growth for the last month or so. It produced flowers but even when I plucked off the baby lemons and flowers, it still never pushed out new leaves so I suspected it might've been root bound or had root rot. Its health didn't deteriorate when I waited and watched before repotting so I know it probably wasn't root rot but since the weather has been so nice, I wanted it to grow a bit more before I started hardening it off.

So I had a 9" container full of mix ready, took the Meyer out of its 6.5" nursery pot, and only the top half came out! :( My tree only had roots in the top half of its nursery container. I forgot to take pictures because I wanted to make its recovery as short as possible. But there were a few white roots shooting out the middle of the rootball. However all the root tips along the sides of the rootball was an orangey color. This is my first tree and first time repotting. I know brown and black = bad bad roots. But what about an orange color? And should I have put it into a smaller pot instead of going up to 9"? I had the 9" half full already so I filled it up the rest of the way to put in the small rootball but I'm terrified that too much free container space will encourage rapid root rot. Any advice on whether I should repot it back down a size?

Container is 7" tall and the root ball was only 3.5" long. The mix is 55/45 peat-perlite. I couldn't get bark for the 511 mix..

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