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several questions: tile, tub, vanity

5 years ago

We wish to redo both our bathrooms--not at once! I am being steered to porcelain tile for the floor and perhaps shower walls. All of our concerns have to do with problems with current materials. His bath has marble floor tile and shower tile with white grout. It has etched and stained. I am looking at some medium gray porcelain with some veining and thinking gray grout, perhaps epoxy, but definitely sealed will solve these problems? Marble-look porcelain for shower surround, still gray grout. I like the frameless door and panel but would like it to open both in and out so when door is opened there will be no major water on the floor. He wants a light vanity--present sink is wall mount and not level so all that water runs off into the floor as well. The extra storage would be welcome in a NYC condo as well. But I have been trying to find taller vanities with little success. Have you found them, any recommendations? Also we would like to put in a remote temperature control shower head. Present one gives the first minute cold water, but you have to be completely in the shower to turn it on.

Any and all experience with these products most welcome!

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