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Definitely not as ugly duplex needs curb appeal help!

5 years ago

You may remember me from threads such as "Really ugly duplex needs curb appeal help!" Sorry to say that is out of the running for now for not being properly zoned. But this one is the new contender and....also needs curb appeal help. It is, however, way more charming than the last duplex. I don't love stucco, and am wondering what is underneath since the house is 100 years old and I have a hard time believing that they were stucco'ing buildings back then. In any event, that may not matter as it may be that the stucco just needs to get covered. Curb appeal budget will also largely depend on how much other work needs to be done. Still in the fact finding process, but considering how much help I got on the other thread, I thought asking for help with this curb appeal would be useful to do anyway.

Thanks much folks!

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