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Gritty Mix in Living Wall? (succulent and cacti)

6 years ago

Hey all...time for my first post and I am almost prepared for the tsk-tsk-ing!

Just started this a year or two ago and found this forum last week. First step is to incorporate the gritty mix!

HOWEVER, anyone ever tried gritty mix in a shallow vertical container (with drainage hole)? A ratio that allows the mix to stay in place, but without a lot of moisture retention content (<10% bark, etc. - or 0% as Rina uses). For an indoor environment. One option is to place a grid of walls within the container using window screening, but that's A LOT of work, may reduce drainage and doesn't allow much room for swapping out different sizes of plant.

Currently, I use strips of fabric soil cover woven over the surface which keeps the current soil-inclusive mix in. It gets around the plants nicely and allows for some gaps to increase airflow, but I worry that as soon as I change it over to gritty mix (sieved, washed and drying now), the grit will all sink low. I may start using strips of the window screen (stiffer and tighter hold) if it doesn't cut into the base of the plant if nudging up against it.

I'll eventually create a post asking advice on the set-up itself, but for now, I'm trying to conquer the soil and environmental issues.

pics for visual from when I was killing everything I laid my hands on (packed too tight or too spaced out, too much water, quick lighting changes, bad combos). The lines above pic #2 are the cords it hangs from on the wall

#1: on the counter after being watered


#2: hanging and reminding me to be more mindful of what I put together.

Thanks SO much for any advice. I'm really enjoying the experimenting and am a little more confident now that I've found an excellent group of experienced growers.

farhana (Concrete Jungle, Ontario)

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