Please help with mudroom/pantry design!

3 years ago

I am hoping that you will be able to help me here. I have ideas, but am not sure if they are the best for the space we have.

We are planning on building a mudroom on to our kitchen, taking
space from our garage. The picture below is the space we have to work
with, it can't get any larger. It's not large, but is so much more than
we currently have. I would love help in making it as efficient as
possible. Each square = 6".

We are a family of 8, plus one dog. Our oldest is away at college,
and our youngest is a toddler. What I would like to try and fit in here
are: pantry space, small utility cabinet/closet, and cubbies/storage

For the pantry, I would like them on the bottom wall, as close to the
doorway to the kitchen as reasonable. I am thinking either around 48"
of shallow (12") cabinets, or we can build in a shallow pantry closet.

For the cubbies/storage, I would like cubbies, while my DH prefers
just hooks and no dividers. I'm a little stumped at how to make the most
of the space with the use of the corners. Also, if we can fit it in, I would like to put a window on the left wall, up high, to let light in.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!!

FYI, here is a picture of our kitchen plan. Mudroom is to the right. If needed, we could shorten the peninsula and add pantry cabinets on the staircase wall. Otherwise, we will probably take out that wall and put a railing there.

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