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How many got two different color cabs?

6 years ago

I am pretty well set on two things in my kitchen to be. One, without any doubt, is darker stained cabinets. (how dark or not is yet to be determined, as I love a wide range) The other is a white counter. I love the look, the contrast. But, not just with any color stain. It has to be a warm look, in light of the white counter, and not all shades achieve this.

Interestingly, on a cabinet by itself, I am drawn to stains in the mid to mid darker range, that are warm, many with undertones of gray (think chocolate). However, when I have searched for pictures of white counters with stained cabs, many (but not all) times I am drawn to medium and slightly lighter shades (often with red or yellow undertones).

I have repeatedly run across this picture, and every single time I do, I think how much I like it. I just ran across it again in an article I was reading. So I thought I would ask you all how many of you have done two different cabs. Either white and dark, or two different shades of dark. Did it turn out how you thought? Do you love it? Hate it? Wish you'd done it differently? Would love to hear your thoughts. I never considered this til just now....

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