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Please help with my Hoya house plant

yola corey
6 years ago

My mother-in-law is a hundred years old, she gave me a hoya plant which she got from her mother-in-law. I got the plant last summer, its about 75 years old. Its in a small pot I water it once a month.
Recently i noticed mealybugs on the plant and was advised to use dish soap and vegetable oil. The plant was still not looking good so I went to my local nursery and they advised to use antibacterial soap. I used the dish soap mixture twice and then the antibacterial once. now most of the leaves are yellow and they are dropping.
I am very worried that this plant is going to die. Please help me. Perhaps a mistake to use the dish soap mixture am not sure what has sped up the condition the plant is in right now but it looks terrible. Its in a small pot and I would assume that its too stressed right now to be re-potted. so please help me!

First picture taken today 9/21 2nd picture 9/6. you can see the mealy bugs on 2nd picture..Most of Mealy bug is gone.

Can you also tell me what kind of Hoya this is.

Thank you

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