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Fiddle Leaf Fig problems!

Kelsey Redding
5 years ago

Help! I have two fiddle leaf figs that I've had for exactly one month! Within the last 1-2 weeks they have started getting brown spots and cracking along the edges. It was mostly the leaves near the bottom but has traveled to upper leaves as well. The plants are in two different locations in my home getting different lighting. I have been removing most of the leafs with brown spots. The plants haven't started getting any new growth yet since bringing them home and repotting. The bigger fiddle is in a SE location of my home getting indirect light in the mornings from a South & East window. The smaller fiddle is getting filtered light from a South window. I have fertilized them once....planning on fertilizing once a month. They still look good in my opinion I'm just worried about what to do if the brown spots continue and permanently damage the plants! Any suggestions on what to do to prevent the browning/cracking? I am confident over watering is not the issue. I have been watering once a week on the same day each week and allowing to dry between waterings.

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