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generator as sump pump back up?

Hi, I live in Boston which has been spared this awful hurricane season so far - but when we had our sump pump serviced last year the man said we needed to replace the mechanism that flips from our primary pump to our back up pump. Apparently the back up pump and battery are fine but the mechanism to switch over is dead and would cost $1000 or so to fix. We sat on it and debated and then forgot all about it.
The news that we could get hit with Maria next week reminded me and i was wondering if its a good idea to just get a generator that could run the pump in the event of a power outage? If so, does anyone have recommendations for a model?
Our basement isn't finished or otherwise I would definitely have just paid the $1000 for the backup mechanism. We're also hopeful that some recent drainage work by the city on our road will mean less flooding in our area than has previously occurred. But I don't want to be completely careless either!
Thanks for any input!

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