Any 'good' options for closets with 9' ceilings and standard 6' doors?

4 years ago


I've seen a lot of wonderful suggestions in other threads and I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some advice. We are updating an apartment and budget is an issue. Building is very old in an urban area. The ceiling height is a little over 9' and the closet doors are sliders, standard 6'. We don't want the expense of opening up the closets to 8' but we'd like to make the closets more practical. The overall widths vary a bit but about 52" and they have (2) 24" slider doors. There is a lot of usable storage above the closet bar - we are looking into a closet system with multiple hanging/cubes/long storage to get more hanging/storage space. I've seen in crappy apartment renos where they chop in another short closet above a standard closet or opened up the wall above and just had something like a big shelf and I've never seen it executed well. I've searched in here for different closet topics and looked on Pinterest for ideas.

Does anyone have any suggestions (and pictures please) for a solution? Please save the comments advising opening the frames for 8' doors, we aren't going to spend that money on 3 closets for an apartment. Especially since all the other doors and doorways are going to remain the same size too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any suggestions or photos will be very much appreciated.

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