countertop , backspash cabinet color coordination

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We have selected Bianco Antico as our counter

we went to the tile store to select tile and I picked out a white tile

-then to the paint store to pick out a color for our cabinets (chips are on top-white dove, simply white, oxford white chantilly lace) and we were told we should not do white backsplash and white cupboards.Looks like we are trying to match. I want something that is timeless yet warm and clean looking. Back to the tile store where he suggested we get cabinets painted white then wait 30 days and then pick backsplash -but there are more white cabinet colors than tiles We'd really like to get everything coordinated first instead of piece by piece He sent us home with more samples

Are colored back splash really timeless or are they something that will tire?

Also opinions please on matte finish versus Shiny Thanks for any suggestions

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