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Need for fast privacy hedge?

6 years ago

situation: lot behind ours is full of two story apartments 30' from property line. That property is 1' higher than ours. Right now a 5' chain link fence separates the two properties. When we bought the house 3 years ago the entire backyard was a jungle of native 30-40'' trees and brush that had been growing for 30 years. Because of the yard height differences and lack of funds for an 8' high fence we opted to go native and cleaned everything out but the back 10' of the property. that property line is 100' long. It has/had 3 huge Brazilian Pepper trees (yes I know they are a weed) and a lot of other misc palms and bushes that made a nice privacy hedge. Well half of the nice privacy hedge is kapoot - blown down by Irma. We have 1-1/2 huge pepper trees torn out and lying in the yard. We still can't afford $3000+ for a fence. Only thing we can think to do is buy the most mature (read that tall) fast growing plants we can afford and replant. Considering we plan to leave that 10' as jungle I'm thinking about planting Salix Willow Hybrid.

Question: would anyone care to comment on the willow in this use; or make any other suggestion. Thanks, Steve

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