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Starting Oceanfront Remodel of 1960's home

6 years ago

Looking for some advice on remodeling/gutting an oceanfront home. The main concern will be corrosion as we won't have any foreseeable flooding issues.

Here is what I found out so far...What else do I need to know and what am I getting wrong?

• Siding: Hardie Board and Stucco...regular stucco or acrylic?

• Windows: Looking at Anderson Coastal Windows. What wood should we choose on the inside? (Pine, Oak, Maple) Any other brands/lines?

• Paint: Need brand recommendations. Behr?

• Fixtures: Stainless, Solid brass or copper...any finish over that is fine (thinking polished nickel). Thinking Kohler...

• Lighting: Stainless, Solid brass or copper...looking at Circa Lighting...

• Appliances: Stainless where needed and paneled everywhere else. Any brand recommendations?

• Countertop: Looking at Deckton or other quartz.

• Cabinets: Wood (what type? White Oak?) and White High Gloss (what base material?)

• Flooring: Tile

• Roofing: Metal (anything else we need to know?)

• HVAC: Needs Marine coating inside.

• Sliding doors: Need recommendations.

• Door Hardware: Stainless.

Thank you for your help...salt water air is so rough!

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