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Need help decorating two rooms!

Swastika Singhal
5 years ago

Hi Guys,

We recently bought a house and really need your advice on how to go about decorating these two rooms. I need advice on everything from furniture to wall decor to accents. :) I have tried to provide pictures of the two rooms from different angles to give you an idea of how they are connected and located. The furniture in the photos belonged to the previous owners. I am looking for similar colorful yet cosy look in a different style(I love Anthropologie-like designs).

Dining/Living Room 1:

1. The dining table in the picture is too small for us. I am looking for a larger and a not so plain and simple dining set.

2. Shall I stick to geometric designs for the rugs or can we do something different?

3. We don't have a piano and a rocking chair. Any suggestions on what to do with the left side of the room are welcome. My idea - a cozy corner with chaise lounge, floor lamp and a book shelf may be?

My ideas so far for the left side of the room:

Chaise lounge against the left yellow wall:


Book shelf again the green wall:



Accent table:


Floor lamp:

Lamp shade:

It doesn't look so put together though, lol!

Living Room 2/Theater Room:

I like the theater room wall decor. I can't find it anywhere though. :( What do you think?

1. Ideas for coffee table?

2. Decor ideas for the shelves and walls?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks!

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