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Layout/design help please- kitchen remodel

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hello all,

Looking for some help with our proposed kitchen remodel. [Here is the kitchen!](

*New slightly larger island - single level
*Move microwave to new location (need help to figure out how to integrate) to account for vent over new range/cooktop
*Update layout to be more efficient (e.g. can we move double ovens away from door?)
*Keep storage same or better
*Keep under 20k for cabinets, stone and tile. I can do all of the rest of the work myself.

Family of four, two teenage boys and we do like to entertain(informally). We are looking for layout help since we are replacing the cabinets. Our cooktop is currently gas with eletric double ovens.

Update to include:
*Floor tile
*Granite counters (Blue Pearl 3cm granite -wife loves but expensive)
*Tile backsplash (Silver travertine subway tile)
*Sink (undermount stainless)
*Cabinets (whitish, thinking shaker style or square raised-panel, both with square/rounded edges)
*New island
*New appliances (ovens/range/cooktop, dishwasher, refrigerator)

*Half-wall: I would like to open it but wife likes it keeping the kitchen "in the kichen"? If you have advice or recommendations here, they would be welcomed. There is only 10" of additional depth on the living room side of wall before an externior window comes into play.(View #4). If you have a way to dramaticly improvee layout by knocking out half-wall, do tell!
*Cannnot move doors/windows as exterior brick veneer would be expensive to update and exceptionally hard to match.
*We are on slab - do not want to move plumbing/gas off existing walls.
* My wife wants to keep two ovens.
*We are a tall family - microwave in island is last resort.
*Vent hood: Thinking to route duct up and on top of the upper cabinets to the outside wall and then cover with a frame and drywall it.
*Leaning heavily to wood-grain porcelain tile but are worried it may look tacky or just be a fad? Looking for color/size/shape tile help (e.g. Marazzi American Estates wood grain (spice or natural)). We would like to keep tile so if you don't like the wood-grain tile, what else would you suggst?
*The wall with the large opening to the living room had textured wall-paper and we are thinking about replacing with another textured wallpaper to break up the expanse of wall? The old wallpaper has been removed and wall prepped and
primed in the pictures. Thoughts appreciated here - would prefer a textured vinyl over just a painted knockdown texture.


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