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Adding up a second story and can't decide on first floor layout

6 years ago

Hi Everybody! Hope to get some advise with our first floor layout. Quick summary of the project. We finally decided to add up a second story to our cute little house built in 1945 of 900 sq and reposition the first floor layout to create an open concept flow. Got an architect and drawings, but not convinced with proposed layout. While kind of makes sense to efficiently utilize all available space, I simply don't like it.. Tried to re-do myself and reposition stairs, dining room, closets but nothing really makes 100% sense. If anybody has an idea, will greatly appreciate your input :)

To explain the drawings - existing kitchen, existing bedroom 4 and existing bathroom stay as is. We renovated them prior to moving in, happy with the results and don't want to change these. Dotted line shows our current coat closet, which will be removed for the open concept to include current masters into overall connected area.

Now it gets tricky and confusing. Stairs presented here placed on top of our basement stairs to save space. Old masters repositioned as a dining room and located too far from the kitchen.

I was hoping to reposition entrance to the side and put industrial wood-steel staircase there as well. At this case, dining area perfectly sits next to the kitchen, alongside the wall attached to the garage and the side window. But if do so, won’t have enough space for a living room next to it. Opened up masters will become a waste of space with the stairs and an entrance door. Also these doors from existing bathroom and linen closet facing new living space bother me... Looking forward to any opinions! Please let me know your thoughts!

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