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Installing New Construction Vinyl Windows (Okna) in a Buck?

5 years ago

Hi all,

After months of research, I thought we finally had decided on our new construction vinyl windows. Across the board, Okna received the best reviews and ratings. We thought everything was set, and then our window dealer suggested we visit a new construction home on which they had installed Okna windows. Big mistake. I hate the way the windows look raised off the side of the house (i.e. if you ran your hand along the outside of the house, it would have to slide up the trim to touch the glass). We are building a farmhouse that I really want to look timeless. I would like the windows to look set in the set of the house with surrounding trim and a window sill. How can I use these windows and still get the effect of a traditional window sill?

Our window dealer suggested two options:

(1) Order them without a nailing fin and install them in a buck, which would give the look of a traditional wooden window. My question - can this be done with hardiplank?

(2) Build up the trim around the window so that the window and nailing fin don't stick out. Any thoughts on how this might look?

I'm very interested in other ideas. We would prefer to stick with vinyl windows for budget purposes. Here are two pictures: the first is of the installed Okna window, the second is of a wooden window that has the look we like. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

The Okna windows:

The look we want (with a window sill):

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